Ellen facilitates with strength by meeting people where they are, creating clarity for shared understanding, and creating aligned momentum towards common purpose. 

About Ellen.

Oregon Certified WBE, MBE, and ESB #12614

I have a masters degree in urban and regional planning from Portland State University and an undergraduate degree in geography from the University of Texas at Austin. In my 20's I was an outdoor leader and guide as well as an environmental educator. I studied on an environmental fellowship in the Brazilian Amazon in the early 2000's and I speak Spanish and Portuguese like someone unafraid of grammatical errors.


I guided backpacking and river trips in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona (the Grand Canyon!), Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon. I developed outdoor leadership and mentorship programs for student trip leaders while working on my masters degree. After I received my masters I went on serve as lead community engagement specialist on projects that won state and national planning awards, the Portland Mercado and the Willamette Falls Legacy Project.

For nearly a decade I've led in-depth, equity-centered community engagement work while working as a consultant and then as an agency specialist with Metro, the Portland-area's regional government. I cut my teeth on change management and courageous conversations in racial equity, with training in change management through Cornell University, training in facilitating courageous conversations with Cultures Connecting, LLC in Seattle, and coursework in social liberation theory at Portland State University through their conflict resolution program.

I'm known for my highly skilled, personal, relationship-oriented facilitation style. I build trust across differences and navigate to meet the needs of the room while utilizing best practices to ensure projects and conversations have frameworks for success built into them. I've been told that working with me as a facilitator is wonderful because I also bring a coaching perspective to the project managers I work with, and support them if desired on strategy, key messaging and communication, as well as best ways to bring in and work with leadership.

I'm comfortable and adept in both big and little "p" politics, understand how to navigate sensitive and high-stakes processes with confidence, discretion, and grounded ethics. I'm a consummate professional ready to support you in your work.

Be in touch with me soon, I look forward to meeting you.


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