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"We've got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help who come after us."

-Michelle Obama

About Ellen.

Hello! Thanks for being here.

I'm a fierce advocate for the power of the individual to root and feel balanced amidst uncertainty. Indeed, the only control we ultimately have is over our ability to step into ourselves, breathe, and center. From here, we can then stand, engage, and seek solutions that serve us, and each other, best.

My greatest joys come from supporting folks in their transformation, where they begin to integrate new practices into habits that benefit them, and disengage and eliminate the limiting stories and beliefs that held them back. From supporting people in re-framing their stories, to helping them cultivate real skills and strategies for leadership, I love what I do.


I love helping people arrive at their next level of potential. I envision a world where more and more of us are tuned in this way and we envision the world we want and start to actively create it, rather than limiting ourselves by what we see in front of us, right now.


There is always more.

As adrienne maree brown says in her book Emergent Strategy:

"Science fiction is simply a way to practice the future together. I suspect that is what many of you are up to, practicing futures together, practicing justice together, living into new stories. It is our right and responsibility to create a new world."

I love this imaginative state, it is the basis of creation. I am committed to supporting you in imagining your incredible future. It's for you, for me, for all of us. I'm here to help you to articulate that vision, then coach you to taking the steps that make it real.

A little more about me.

I have a masters degree in urban and regional planning and an undergraduate degree in geography. In my 20's I was an outdoor leader and guide as well as an environmental educator. I guided in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona (the Grand Canyon!), Colorado, Wyoming and Oregon. I developed outdoor leadership and mentorship programs for student trip leaders at Portland State University while getting my masters degree. After I received my masters I went on to serve as project manager for the development planning of the Portland Mercado, a Latino Public Market focused on community economic development, an initiative of Hacienda CDC. We won state and national planning awards.

I've since then led in-depth, equity centered community engagement work while working as a consultant and then as an agency specialist with the regional government. Since 2013, I've cut my teeth on change management and courageous conversations in racial equity, with training in change management through Cornell University, and training in facilitating courageous conversations with Cultures Connecting, LLC in Seattle as well as social liberation theory at Portland State through their conflict resolution program.


The culmination of all this led to the creation of my practice here, now.

No matter who you are, and where you are right now, you have greatness within you.


You have the capacity to be resilient and masterful amidst change and uncertainty, and to uplift others as you uplift yourself.


I will see the best in you when we meet and I always meet you where you at and go from there. I am committed to coaching you or your team to your fullest potential in these unfolding moments. I am committed to supporting you to thrive.

Be in touch with me soon, I look forward to meeting you.


Connect with me now and set up your 30-minute consultation.