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"Every time you are tempted to react in the same old way, ask yourself if you want to be a prisoner of the past or a pioneer of the future."
-Deepak Chopra

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Change Consulting

Organizations hire me to help in situations requiring a high degree of sensitivity. I'll come in with fresh eyes to help bring people with many perspectives together on a final outcome. Together, we'll unify strengths, identify opportunities for refinement, and highlight what to change. I make space for clarity, learning and growth. I help teams move from feeling emotionally charged to feeling at ease. I create processes where people can build trust and are able to take steps forward.


I make welcoming and inclusive spaces where everyone can be heard. I bring a DEI framework to do it. I establish ground rules and group agreements for clear communication and I am skilled in structuring a flexible and goal-oriented agenda so people are present and participating (even on Zoom!) I capture people's thoughts and information live using old-school chart packs in-person or with online Jam Boards. I use live-polling in large online meetings to capture diverse opinions in real-time.


I believe in going slow to go fast to ensure that everyone comes along. While I'm working, I'm tracking the group for interest, fatigue, and more. Are we hitting our marks? What needs adjusting? Where have we hit a bump in the road and how can we address it and keep momentum?


I work with team leads to develop clear agendas, talk strategy, and address tricky situations before big work sessions. I ensure we are the most prepared in each meeting / session or workshop to get the job done. I make my clients feel better and more confident about the work they do and how they're getting it done.

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"Ellen has been integral to the Roadmap to the Outdoors Initiative, a statewide effort to make the outdoors welcoming to all Oregonians, with an emphasis on youth and increasing the diversity of participants. Ellen moderated the keynote panel discussion at the Roadmap to the Outdoors Symposium with former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Governor Kate Brown, as part of a statewide convening of outdoor leaders, funders and representatives from diverse communities to identify barriers and solutions to connecting Oregonians to the outdoors. She then guided a newly formed team of partner organizations in the development of the Roadmap plan creating trust within the team, establishing a clear focus, and guiding the development of broad action items.​"

Dan Little, First Gentleman of Oregon

"Ellen's gift in facilitating collaboration between community advocates and public agency comes in creating a space uniquely responsive to the people in the room. Less 'best practices,' more setting the table where group dynamics emerge to support a spirit of openness, trust, and respect. Working with Ellen and Inner Light Coaching on a priority project under a tight timeline with both long time and new community partners changed my expectations for what effective facilitation can be."

Peggy Morell, Communications and Public Affairs, Metro

"As public agencies work towards racial equity, diversity and inclusion, things need to be done differently so all people thrive.  Ellen brings experience, strategy, humor and joy to that work, for transformational results.   Her facilitation is very strong, and can work with a room, either filled with a few people or a few hundred. ​"

Gaylen Beatty, Parks & Nature Special Projects Manager, Metro

"Ellen brings an inclusive process to her work that invites the whole self to be engaged. In her consultation with with us, Ellen led the group of community partners through the planning a forum to help deepen the relationships between the government agency and their community partners. Each step of the way, Ellen exemplified equitable practices and was quick to adapt to better meet the needs of the group."

Simeon Jacob, Operations and Program Manger,

Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) 

"Ellen is always a pleasure to work with; fun, insightful, and driven towards mutual care and shared responsibility for rebuilding systems and processes to be more just and joyful. Ellen is confident and supportive in the strategic support she provides. She illuminates the space for her clients for explore and affirm their objectives and find the best way. As a facilitator Ellen helps create an environment where people feel seen and heard and are open to being vulnerable and truthful; she models this in her own practice. I will always recommend Ellen."

Nicole Lewis, Sr. Regional Planner, Metro

"First and foremost I want to extend a giant THANK YOU on behalf of Campus Rec.  Everyone I talked to enjoyed your keynote at our All Staff event and everyone had unique takeaways.  We have since taken the poll you had staff complete and shared with our student leaders when discussing what Community looks like at Campus Rec, and how to create a welcoming environment for each other and for patrons.  As prostaff we have referenced that form multiple times as we are solidifying our new Strategic Goal of building community.  


As we all inch back into "real life" in person, we are also seeking to keep that ethic of care and support alive that carried us through the pandemic.  Your presence at All Staff was the perfect fit for our work this year."

Leslee Peterson, Training and Assessment Coordinator

Portland State University - Campus Rec