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The Inner Work of Anti-Racism

What people say about my work with them:

"As public agencies work toward racial equity, diversity, and inclusion, things need to be done differently so all people thrive. Ellen brings experience, strategy, humor and joy to that work, for transformational results. Her facilitation is very strong, and she can work with a room filled with a few people or a few hundred. When I work with Ellen, I feel confident that we are getting to system change through her heart-centered work."

- Gaylen Beatty, Special Projects Manager, Metro regional government

"Thank you so much for such a great training! We heard great feedback from participants and they said you are one of the best trainers we have had." - Elizabeth Cabral, Program Director, Confluence Environmental Center

"I read through the student self assessments last night and they were very positive.  All the students said that they learned something about themselves—some said this emphatically-- and everybody was able to think of something they can commit to doing going forward.  What specifically, they committed to do reflects where they are at in their journey.  Many students mentioned that they really appreciated the “what is alive in me” and “why is it hard to talk about racism” activities and that these opened their eyes to things they had not considered before (I found them valuable as a faculty member, too—I actually did the notecard activity around students instead of patients).  Several students commented that they realized from the discussion how seldom they talk about racism and bias, and that they really appreciated having the time and a space to do so.  Many of the students also commented that you did a great job facilitating and they appreciated you.  Although your background is not in nursing and you were transparent about that, I think you did a nice job connecting the topic to their role as nurses."


Kristy Ivicek, MN, RN, CPN, Clinical Instructor, Oregon Health & Science University - School of Nursing

I facilitate strong, clear, focused, and guided conversation groups. I have a track record of creating spaces that build trust as I center on relationship building through growth and learning.

I guide conversations on racial equity with a steady hand, with sensitivity to people's learning and growth opportunity areas, and allowing folks to arrive where they're at, while asking the questions to prod deeper for growth, awareness and understanding.

My practice and facilitation style is informed by my training with Cultures Connecting, LLC, as well as my depth of experience in doing this work for OHSU, Washington County, Metro, and multiple environmental non-profit organizations and leaders.

June 16 - July 7, 2020 - A.M. Session OR P.M. Session

Morning session meets on four consecutive Tuesdays, from 9:00 - 10:30 a.m. via Zoom conference.

Afternoon session meets on four consecutive Tuesdays, from 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. via Zoom conference.

Group max: 6 participants (if you are doing this for your workplace you may register multiple people up to 6. If you have complications with this please contact me right away.)

Cost: $497 per participant

50% of proceeds will be donated to support Black-led organizations, mutual aid, and advocacy groups.

What to expect:

  • For session one - we will start with welcoming, land acknowledgement, group norms, and preliminary activities to set the stage for our work in weeks two - four.

  • You can expect a light reading assignment between sessions for discussion.

  • Readings and activities for each following session will be catered to the unique make-up of each group.

Connect with me at is you have any questions.

Oregon Certified WBE, MBE, and ESB #12614

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