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"A spiritual process is essentially about enhancing your perception."
- Sadhguru

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Intuitive Readings

Readings are an energetic hello. Some people come to me for a monthly or seasonal reading to tune in to their body and spiritual growth for the next time period. Some clients come once in awhile when the regular avenues for problem solving and pro/con lists feel fruitless. And then there are those who come because they are curious about another way to find their answers.

Readings, for whatever reason a person comes, offer grounding and clarity for a client. Through a reading I can share with them what I see for where they are in present time and offers insight for their next steps. I do not predict the future nor do I read minds. I read my client's energy (not my own, I have very specific protocols I use to keep myself separate from my client).


Images come to my mind clairvoyantly that tell a story for what is happening with a client at a spiritual/energetic level and at a body level. Often it will unfold through a symbolic story, kind of like watching (or listening) to a movie or podcast, where my client is the star. I don't offer analysis (it's often unnecessary) and I remain neutral in a reading.

I don't advise, prescribe, or direct in a reading. I'm invested in giving a clean and clear reading, not in what the client does with that information. That is for them to have to do with what they like. I'm a conduit and a communicator supporting my client for what they are ready to experience in the unfolding of their own life. I think of readings as a spiritual hello. I do not diagnose, identify solutions, or solve problems for my client in a reading, I see the energy, and read it for them.

There are three ways I offer readings: spiritual growth, custom readings (bring 2 - 3 key questions), and past life (we'll have time for 3-4 depending on session length). When you book you'll be able to select which kind you'd like - and yes - if you change your mind on the day of the reading, that's fine too.

Want to know more?

I've written a couple blog posts as FAQ's here and here, and also recorded a podcast episode to help newcomers to intuitive readings. (Want to know how this works via Zoom? Jump to the 15-minute mark in the podcast.)

I have two session lengths:

- 60 minute ($150)

- 90 minute ($225)



Beginning August, 2022, 60-minute sessions will be $200 and 90-minute sessions will be $300.

Current pricing lasts through July 31, 2022.

Please note: Intuitive readings are not a replacement for therapy. Readings are a hello in present time to the spirit of you. If you are in acute mental crisis or experiencing mental health issues I will not be able to read for you until you have been able to seek support and be in a better spot. If you've booked a reading and then an acute situation has occurred I will gladly refund your fee. 


"I received a reading from Ellen and I am so thrilled I did. 

The experience was unlike any other reading I have received in the past. Ellen is able to “see and feel” so many things deep within myself and family history. 

The elaborate images she described were so clear, I knew without a doubt what she was referencing and how it was uniquely relevant to my life and situation. 

This reading was so beneficial to my ongoing mindset development. Ellen was able to identify areas of stress and confirm exactly how the work I am doing is benefiting my life. 

Every form of personal/ physical development requires regular check-ins. Spiritual development is no different. I highly recommend Ellen and genuinely cannot wait for my next reading."

Gracia Burns, The Accent Coach

"I didn't know what to expect from an intuitive reading, but Ellen is a beautiful soul and I knew the session would be special no matter what. The vivid images she gave me as sort of visual metaphors for what's happening in different areas of my life were a special new way to approach introspection and contemplation. My spouse and I were able to listen to the recording together later, and that provided some great springboards for discussion as well."

Rachel Sheilds Ebersole

"Ellen has changed my life for the better, in just a few sessions! She is kind, professional and so very talented at using her intuitive, coaching, strategic and so many other incredible people skills, to give perfectly tailored support to help people on their personal and professional paths. I'm forever grateful!"

Sarah Henly-Shepard