Ellen, are you reading people's minds?

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

First, other than being just as good a guesser about what someone might be thinking as the next person, I am NOT a mind-reader. That's not what this is. ;)

As an intuitive, I see energy in the form of pictures in my mind. Many of us have clairvoyant capacity. Most simply put, it's the ability to visualize in your mind's eye. Visualization comes to many of us spontaneously. A friend is talking with you and you are also imagining the story they are telling in your mind, the place they were, the person they were talking to.

The way that this works for me is that I've always ALSO gotten the pictures in my mind for what a person is NOT always saying. I'm also sensing it through another few senses, in "psychic" language they're known as claircognizance (a knowingness), and clairsentience (a feelingness).

Think of it like this. I'm in a theater, there's a large IMAX screen. The theater is equipped with experience enhancing things like, the seats rumble if there's an explosion onscreen, the surround sound is high definition, etc. In reading a client, I'm like the patron in the theater, watching the energy unfold into a story on the screen. That's it. Then I'm narrating what I see to my client in a reading.

If I'm honest, clairsentience (feeling things deeply), and claircognizance (clear knowing) are my natural and strongest "abilities". Working with clairvoyance has helped me get clearer myself, with what is mine and what isn't. This is REALLY important, it means that when I'm reading another person, I know I'm not reading them my stuff / an interpretation of what's mine. It's about the time I've spent in meditation getting to know what feels like me, and doesn't. I can tell if energy is mine as easily as I can tell if the hand in front of me belongs to me. Similarly, when I'm reading someone else, I get an idea of what is theirs, and what is energy interfering in their space. Like you recognize a friend and when a stranger shows up with them it changes things. It's subtle, and it's real. I've made a practice of this discernment so I can be clear when I'm reading others, and share information pertinent to them, and not someone else.

Lastly, I'm not always doing it. That would be exhausting. I also think it's invasive to go "read" someone without their permission. To be seeing and handling everyone else's stuff because I want to go look? No thank you! I'm still an energy sponge and certain places / environments / situations are still over-stimulating even if I'm working my energetic tools for boundaries.

When I give a reading, the client receives what I see through a narrative, that I always try to ground into a practical day to day experience once the picture is complete. I mean it can be fun to see yourself swirling on a big-top in a circus when we're talking about a career question, but what does that really mean in your day to day life if you are NOT working for Cirque du Soleil?

Readings are really fun, they move energy, and can be a GREAT way to explore your personal and spiritual growth in a supportive way.


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