Everything you want to know about intuitive readings

Are you spiritually curious?

Wondering what to ask the first time you see an intuitive reader?

Want to know the difference between a psychic, an intuitive reader and a clairvoyant (maybe they should walk into a bar...)?

If you said yes to any of the above, you're in the right place!

First, a little about me if you're new.

I'm Ellen, I'm a coach, an intuitive reader, and I provide strategic support and facilitation as a consultant for organizations advancing racial equity, inclusion and diversity. My masters degree in is urban and regional planning, I was a river guide in the Grand Canyon in my 20's, and I also give intuitive (aka psychic) readings.

Now, let's go to the question that I didn't write above, which might be on your mind: Are psychics legit? Can people really read energy?

Well, in my experience, yes.

I could not do what I do, say what I do, or even show my face if I didn't think this was real.

All that said, you do you.

This isn't a post to convert the skeptics. I'll never write that post because it wouldn't work anyway. There's not really a great empirical way to prove I'm doing what I'm doing other than to just be open to experiencing it (and if a person is really closed off to it, I'm not going to really be able to read for them so yea, it's not going to work.) I get the Catch-22 here.

I'm okay with that.

It took me a while to feel comfortable talking about what I do because I am so aware of the skepticism. Anyway, clearly I got over talking about it, and I'm going to share some info with you that hopefully helps you if you decide to get a reading one day.

But before we dive in there, let's talk really quickly about the words psychic vs. intuitive vs. clairvoyant.

I avoid the word psychic mostly, because of the tom-foolery associated with the word, but if psychic means the ability to read energy with the tools of my body (my extra sensitivity), than I am psychic. But that feels sooooo hokey to write - so intuitive fits better for me.

Intuitive has a ring to it that feels true to me, because I've been an intuitive person my whole life (lots of gut-level decision-making) and I like that I can intuitively read energy, because I do. The word clairvoyant is specifically about "seeing" energy.

Clairvoyance is seeing in the minds eye.

Can you picture something in your head right now?

Like if I say, right now, "imagine a horse running in a field!" And you can do it, boom. You are working your clairvoyance.

And yes, I know that some folks can't visualize, to you I apologize for asking you to visualize a horse running in a field, but perhaps you could tell me what that horse sounds like running through the field? (You're working your clairaudience.)

But are you a clairvoyant? Maybe or maybe not quite yet. (Yes, you can grow this skill if you want to / have the ability to imagine a horse running through a field.)

Clairvoyance is guiding yourself to read a particular energy (via a question usually) by seeing it in your minds' eye. The way I do it (after meditation and clearing and owning my own space beforehand), a color shows up first in my mind, then the color fades into a picture related to the context of what the person is asking me about. I have no idea what the picture is going to do - it's more like a movie unfolding on a screen - but I narrate it for the person I'm reading and tell them what's happening.

For example, a woman asked me about her marriage recently, and what she could be doing better to support it. This was a super fun reading because what happened was unexpected! (It almost always is.)

I saw the woman, her husband, and this great shaggy dog between them. I watched them "argue" over how to take care of the dog in the picture, one wanted to groom it and the other wanted to take it to the vet, the were each trying to "win" with their approach to canine care. I realized pretty quickly that the dog in the picture was the marriage! It was the third "being" in the room. (Believe me, a relationship can have it's own energy just like a person, this is why it's so fun to read things!)

I'd never thought of marriage this way but it turned out to fit this person to a tee. She laughed and confirmed it made a lot of sense for who they are and how they show up, and after we looked at potential next steps for her and her husband in their marriage, she said it gave her good things to think about. The best part? The kind of serious question she initially asked now had a much needed dose of humor (something we all really need most of the time) and that in and of itself cleared a lot of the resistance she'd been holding that I didn't even take the time to look at directly. It's all just energy, and getting it in motion.

I'd never met her before, I had no knowledge of her, and I just sat and read her energy. That was me using clairvoyance.

So the next thing here I want to talk about is what to look for in an intuitive reader. Let's go back to the woman in the previous example and first I'll tell what I did NOT do in the reading with her.

1) I did not tell her I could find her answers to her marriage questions.

2) I did not offer analysis beyond understanding that the dog was revealing itself as the symbolic stand in for the marriage. I didn't add my two cents for anything I thought she "should" or "should not" do.

3) I did not try to "heal" her marriage or try to offer a healing of any type.

These, if you are asking for a reading and not a healing, would be red flags.

If this happened, I would think that the person giving the reading has poor boundaries, I would be unclear why they think it's their role to solve my problem (is it even a problem? It's just a question). And if they were trying to heal something I would be concerned about their motivation for it - energy is everywhere and doing things with other people's energy because you want to rather than because they asked for it can create what I'll just call sticky connections.

I won't really go into that in this post because it's a little extra, but let's just say that I do not like people to "heal" me when I haven't asked for healing help. I'll ask if I want it. (And more of us should ask for it, but we shouldn't just go doing it to people without permission.)

Instead, what I look for in a reader when I'm getting an intuitive reading (I trade readings with about 8 other intuitive readers regularly) is the following:

1) They are neutral.

Their language is neutral. Things are not "good" or "bad" or "crazy" or "amazing". Things might be busy, animated, slow, thick, buoyant, sluggish, etc., but there is not judgement in the words they use, but descriptors. The judgment is NOT for the reader to have, it's for the person receiving the reading to ascertain for themselves.

Maybe what the reader thinks is "cool" is actually strange to the person receiving it. So - rather than have a reader's judgment on my own energy, I prefer a clear and clean and neutral reading so that I am the judge of what I receive and I can decide what to do with it. Which brings me to:

2) They do not have my answers, are not giving me advice, and are not trying to solve my problem.

So - I get it - a handful of folks probably are stalking down a psychic because they're in a crisis, can't make a decision, and this is their last ditch effort to have someone have their answers and tell them what to do.

However, this is the bitter pill, you are the one in charge of your life. A reading is not going to change that. If you think it is you might spend a lot of money with a lot of people who might be glad to "own" your life for you.

BUT you can get a lot out of asking the right questions (more on this further down) to give you insights with the right reader who can help you without having to have your answers (also - you just don't want to give your seniority in your life away like that, you are the decider!)

3) They aren't making predictions about the future.

Energy is constantly shifting and moving. There are potential "next steps" that can show up that you can look at, sure, but making a prediction of "this thing is coming for you and this will be the outcome if you do a, b and c" is a little bold, in my opinion.

Energy can change. The future isn't written. Mindset really is 9/10ths of the battle if you want a particular outcome in your life. You make your future, don't decide that x,y,z person knows your path and then blindly walk down it. Again, own your path. Don't trust someone who wants to own your path for you.

Now - let's get savvy with the questions you ask.

First time clients I have will sometimes not know what to ask and sometimes folks are just curious in general and don't have a clear question in mind. For these folks I offer spiritual growth readings. They are simple, fun and straightforward. I spend about 45 minutes reading through aspects of growth they / their energy / their spirit is having presently in their lives in different key areas (there are 7 key areas I look at).

I always save time for questions at the end so they can get further clarification, but again, I'm not analyzing or advising, I'm just reading. The person will have what they're ready to receive. Most often I witness clients having multiple "ah-ha" moments of feeling "seen" in different areas of their lives.

The images that I see often directly relate to an experience they can point to and have familiarity with. This is because I am reading them not what I think they need to hear. I turn my brain off and just read the pictures.

Now - a lot of my clients come with questions, but they're not quite sure how to ask them. Here are two key points to keep in mind (I know there could be more, but I'm trying to keep it simple here.)

1) Keep the focus on you.

You might really be struggling at work and be having a hard time with your boss. You might want to ask "what's up with my boss?!" but then you get a reading about your boss, and what you're there for is to be seen by a reader to learn more about YOU. You've already done all the boss analyzing, so let's shift the focus here.

You could be pin-pointed instead and ask "what do I need to know about my relationship with my boss and my next steps" or you could go broadly and ask "what do I need to know about my next steps in my career?" Both questions will likely start with the current situation and I would probably see a bit of the challenges you're currently experiencing, but with one I would be looking for very specific things like energetic agreements between you and your boss, where they came from, and working with you to update them, vs. taking a broader look at your growth period for your career which might have a wider scope and potential next steps.

2) If you can, go upstream.

Let's say you're feeling really stuck about where you are supposed to be moving to. You have a lot of choices and you like a lot of places and just want someone to tell you if you should move to upstate New York, Vermont, Virginia, or North Carolina. You just can't decide.

You could ask your reader to read the energy of each place in relation to your energy (essentially like four quick relationship readings with four potential suitors), OR you could ask about the energy that's in the way of you being able to make a decision.

Do you see how that shifts the question entirely upstream? Maybe there's something blocking you from deciding! I, personally, if I were getting this reading, I would be most curious about that - because if that's seen and understood, maybe I can make the other choice more easily.

Now - I am not the pantheon of all intuitive / psychic / clairvoyant readers out there and my way is not everyone's way. YOU dear blog-reader, will be the one to figure out who's style of psychic / intuitive / clairvoyant reading fits best with you when you want to check in for your occasional spiritual hello's and tune-ups for whatever's coming up in your life.

If you'd like to schedule a reading with me after reading this however, you sure can! Head to ellenwyomingdeloy.as.me and choose either a 60 or 90 minute read. I look forward to meeting you.

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