You have a strong team of folks who each bring something important to the table,

Yet there are also challenges. When you lead a team that's recently expanded, or is being affected by organizational changes, new dynamics emerge, boundaries are strained, and folks can get uncomfortable.


Whether you're working to improve communication, or launching your efforts in policy and practice around diversity, equity and inclusion, you need tools to help folks come together, clear up opaque situations, and get a handle on clear, intentional and guided communication, effective process management, and continued trust and relationship building.

I can help. 

Oregon Certified WBE, MBE, and ESB #12614

 I'll support you and your team to:

  • Get clarity on roles, expectations, and timelines.

  • Develop and practice skills for trust and relationship building.

  • Come into alignment around vision, values and purpose, with actionable steps to take that make them real.

  • Build skills to rumble with challenges and vulnerability, cultivating courage and bravery that brings a team together, rather than split it apart.

  • Identify how to shift power imbalances, understand the double-duty of emotional labor, and develop strategies to identify and address symptoms of disharmony before they take over.

  • Build healthy processes to give and receive feedback.

  • Build comfort with tough conversations and build resilience and trust.

  • Get clear with how you communicate best with one another.

  • Get more done, have more fun.

For teams building their organizations skills and abilities in diversity, equity and inclusion I can:

  • Provide custom tailored trainings on key topic areas (to be developed in concert with the team) with specific learning objectives and measurable outcomes in skills and abilities.

  • Facilitate courageous conversations on racial equity.


Connect with me now and set up your 30-minute consultation.


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