You're preparing for your annual retreat or getting ready to launch a new initiative.


You need someone with skills for both in-person and virtual meeting faciliation.

You need a skilled 3rd-party facilitator to help you develop the agenda, create the goals and subject matter areas to move through, and to have time for person-to-person connection, developing new opportunities outside of the daily grind for trust and relationship building.

You want someone who will help leadership and new staff alike to participate with a sense of ease and flow, and for the day to also be inspired while also productive. You don't want to slog through an 8 hour marathon of document review and discussion.

You want intentionally structured moments, adequate pre-work and homework done in advance, in order to maximize your day.

I can readily support teams with mission and vision updates, strategic planning updates, communication and leadership development, and courageous conversations in diversity, equity and inclusion preparation and planning.

Let me know how I can be of service.

Oregon Certified WBE, MBE, and ESB #12614

 I can support you to:

  • Develop the structure and framework of the meeting, virtually if needed.

  • Review your key areas of focus and craft an agenda ensuring the retreat meets your needs.

  • Facilitate a meeting with space for the whole-person to be involved, with opportunities for sharing, connection, and continuing trust and relationship building.

  • Develop structured brave spaces for courageous conversations in diversity, equity and inclusion.


Connect with me now and set up your 30-minute consultation.


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