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Stay up to date with Ellen for insights on leadership development, working with teams, and navigating whatever life throws at us, one day at a time.

Hi! I'm Ellen.

I coach leaders and facilitate teams to increase connection and clarity, unpack bias and blindspots, and create a path forward centered on authenticity, alignment, and purpose. 


I work with leaders who are both emerging in new roles or who wish to deepen their capacity and impact in their careers.

If you find yourself wondering how you can best support your team so they have a sense of ownership, pride and empowerment in their roles...


If you find yourself struggling from time to time with imposter syndrome as you step into bigger roles....


If you want to build a culture of equity, inclusion and belonging at work while you get good work done...


I can help you.


Work with me 1:1 as your coach, join one of my leadership groups, or bring me in for facilitation with your team.

1:1 Coaching

Clear, personal, connected and compassionate support for your leadership growth. Book your free 20-minute consultation now.

Leadership Groups

Join a private and confidential leadership group with other growth-oriented professionals. Sessions run for 6 weeks in-person in SW Portland, and online via Zoom Conference.


Skilled facilitation, moderation and strategy development services for:

- team retreats

- mission and vision development

-sensitive multi-stakeholder processes

-equity and inclusion


Download a free resource to support you as you explore how you lead and opportunities for your leadership growth and potential.

Though her committed and passionate coaching and facilitation, Ellen inspires her clients to feel rooted, calm, and grounded where they before felt constantly barraged by the winds of change.


She helps these inspiring breadwinners, parents, leaders, and mission-driven business owners to reclaim their center, and lead with courage where fear once dominated. She coaches them to trust themselves, and not the limiting circumstances that might surround them. 

Ellen shows that when we communicate clearly, and lead with an understanding of where our fears lie and how to address them consciously, we become the lead creators in our stories, at work, at home, and in the trajectory of our lives.

She wants us to step bravely into our full potential, to create better for ourselves and for others, and to do so with liberated consciousness.