I guide empathic people through meaningful change and coach them to build the skills they need to make it last. 

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"This work is life-changing."

I have heard it from more than one client.

I work with overwhelmed working parents, professionals ready to take their next big step in their life and careers, and people who work serving others who need support with their boundaries.

The one thing all my clients have in common?

They are deep feelers. They are empathic. They are attuned to the needs of others. Sometimes so much that they've lost the centering of themselves in their own lives.

My clients are spiritually open and curious, ready to investigate the more subtle and profoundly deep ways that energy (their own, and the energy of everything else) affects them, and how they can start to work from an energetic level to recalibrate, fine-tune, and get centered in directing the creation of their lives.

Work with me through an intuitive reading session, or dive in for deep work through coaching.

"Ellen is a stellar guide! Her feedback, questions, and reflections were just what I needed and right when I needed them. I don't know how she did it, but she kept it up over the course of our time together. She helped me move into a new phase of my professional life as well as build some skills I'll use forever professionally and personally. I'd recommend her to any person or organization ready to look in-ward in order to level-up!"

- Kate Fagerholm, yes ampersand, Portland, OR

Ellen is a stellar guide!

"Ellen has changed my life for the better, in just a few sessions! She is kind, professional and so very talented at using her intuitive, coaching, strategic and so many other incredible people skills, to give perfectly tailored support to help people on their personal and professional paths. I'm forever grateful!"

- Sarah Henly-Shepard, Austin, TX

Ellen has changed my life for the better

This reading was so beneficial to my ongoing mindset development

"I received a reading from Ellen and I am so thrilled I did. 

The experience was unlike any other reading I have received in the past. Ellen is able to “see and feel” so many things deep within myself and family history. 

The elaborate images she described were so clear, I knew without a doubt what she was referencing and how it was uniquely relevant to my life and situation. 

This reading was so beneficial to my ongoing mindset development. Ellen was able to identify areas of stress and confirm exactly how the work I am doing is benefiting my life. 

Every form of personal/ physical development requires regular check-ins. Spiritual development is no different. I highly recommend Ellen and genuinely cannot wait for my next reading."

- Gracia Burns, The Accent Coach


Resources for you

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5 Steps to Stop Negative Self-Talk

Is your inner battle impeding your ability to make changes in your personal or work life? Does it affect how feel as you manage your team and then your view of not only yourself, but also of them?


Dive in to discover where negative self-talk can be formed, and find pathways forward to change them so you can step clearly into your learning and growth, and have it.